The Ysland of Crystal ~ Tibetan- ~ Mongolian- & Keltic Roots Shamanic Healing and Divination

CAIRN (Center for Advanced intervention Research in Noetic) organizes Cultural Immersion Tours & Studies,
as well as Arts & Therapy Concerts and Exhibitions in S-of-France, Belgium, UK, Nepal, India, Tibet (TAR), Bhutan, Canada and USA.


Prenez un moment pour consulter nos pages en langue anglaise. Si vous désirez plus d' informations sur les projets, partenariats, itinéraires ou options de nos programmes, n' hésitez pas a prendre contact avec nous, a bientot! CAIRN NOETIC R&D Institute (Center for Advanced Intervention Research in Noetic) is a branch of the CAIRN Consortium EU-NGO network, co-founded in 1997 by former researcher and CEO William R LEON in KTM Nepal (SXXSC), to promote awareness and conduct intervention research on current Hermeneutic and Noetic experiential studies in selected European and Asian sacred powerplaces annd related human potentials... The Cairn Noetic Institute conducts intervention research in a stepwise ethnographic manner in such topics such as spontaneous embodiment, Termas meditation, alteres states of consciousness, alternative healing practices, traditional healthcare, shamanic music fusion, HRD, mythology, ideology, psychic abilities, and survival of consciousness near or after bodily death (bardo, Chod) The Institute network maintains an academic and artistic partnership database, available on the Internet, with selected Tours&Studies to more than 13 selected powerplaces in South-France, UK Wales, Nepal, Tibet, India, USA and Canada, for creative and research retreats connected to Arts&Therapy, embodiment, wellbeing meditation and Tsa-rLung yoga. The HQ is situated both in KTM Nepal and in South-France Verdon. The network assets include several NGO/Asbls offices, an experienced clinical professional and practitioners research supervision team and selected recognized retreat centers in both regional hemisphere... Please contact us, if interested! RWL :

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CAIRN Consortium (EU-NGO)

CAIRN Consortium (EU-NGO) is a cross-cultural immersion and communication gateway promoting more awareness and expertise in Nepal and the Himalayan region, through Arts&Humanities, HRD continuing education, professional doctorate thesis. post-development studies, geopolitical hermeneutics analysis, traditional healing and ESL (English Special Learning) training abroad, from a network of branches and academic partners based in KTM Nepal, India, France, UK, Belgium and Canada.

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Shamanic Rock/Jazz Fusion Research

Prenez un moment pour consulter nos pages en langue anglaise. Si vous désirez plus d' informations sur ce projet musical, n' hésitez pas a prendre contact avec nous, a bientot!

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14 ~ 21 Days Pilgrimages to Keltic & Cathares Powerplaces in South-France with William R. Leon & other Cairn Experts.

Forging the Path for a renewal of the Grail Quest, which supports the ideal of Chivalry and unites Keltic Christendom with Tantric Dharma through their common shamanic roots in Mythology, Awareness, Arts, Music, Healing & Embodiment...

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