The Ysland of Crystal ~ Tibetan- ~ Mongolian- & Keltic Roots Shamanic Healing and Divination

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CAIRN (Center for Advanced intervention Research in Noetic) organizes Cultural Immersion Tours & Studies,
as well as Arts & Therapy Concerts and Exhibitions in S-of-France, Belgium, UK, Nepal, India, Tibet (TAR), Bhutan, Canada and USA.

The Terma Foundation 2015-16

The Terma Foundation Tradition holds that a terma may be a physical object such as a text or a ritual implement that is buried in the ground (or earth), hidden in a rock or crystal, secreted in a herb, or a tree, or hidden in a lake (or water), or hidden in the sky (space). In short, the literal understanding of terma is "hidden treasure". As sometimes these objects are hidden away, the teachings associated should be understood as being 'concealed within the mind of the guru ', that is, the true place of concealment is in the tertön's inner mindstream. Accordingly, one can say that it is as much concealed in the Terton own practice evolvment. If the concealed or encoded teaching or object is a text, it is often written in “dakini script”: a non-human type of code or writing. As such , termas maybe what they may be and in so many embodiment forms , that they are therefore not always immediately apparent, cognicient or made open to the hierarchy or public. The conditions may not be right; the people may not yet be ready for them; further instructions may need to be revealed to clarify their meaning, the lineage itself may be in transmutation. Often also, the tertön himself has to practice them indepth, the tertön's inner mindstream, for many years...

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CAIRN Consortium

CAIRN Consortium Professional Doctorate School (EU-NGO) is particularly proud to launch this new initiative which aims are to provide a experts pannel supervision interface based upon more than 25 years daily experience with Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan academic units, practitioners, retreat center, traditional healing units, NGOs, and related insights addressing the substance, technology, structural and hermeneutic dimensions of this new paradigm synthesis entitled : " Buddhism & Science " , in a very practical field research approach. While CAIRN particular areas of interest remain targeted towards the integrated approach of Sound, Energotherapy, Music Creative Embodiment, Rituals and related technology, it also offers selected field-research resources focused on the Himalayan region current development priorities, as well as specializes into curriculum development through practical and theoretical knowledge in: Applied Psychology to Counselling, HRD/HRM Capacity Building, Humanitarian Intervention, Clinical Anthropology, Prospective Health Anthropology and Tibetan Traditional Healing Psychotherapy, etc... Please contact us, if interested, and we will get back to you shortly! RWL :

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Demos Music & Clips Download

Caer-Sidi Shamanic Rock/Jazz Fusion Research Database will be upgraded, as recording of new demos will enfold in the first period of 2014 and FREE Downloads of our latest Clips MP3 samples will be accordingly available. rem: U Can find some samples / demos MP3 examples on FB at : >> >> such as : " ANI BA BIE ! " and others ... RWL(c) 1997-2014

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14 ~ 21 Days Pilgrimages to Keltic & Cathares Powerplaces in South-France with William R. Leon & other Cairn Experts.

Forging the Path for a renewal of the Grail Quest, which supports the ideal of Chivalry and unites Keltic Christendom with Tantric Dharma through their common shamanic roots in Mythology, Awareness, Arts, Music, Healing & Embodiment...

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